Cut the Practice – They (& U) Need It


They were ratty, hot, annoyed, frustrated and tired. It was the 7th week of the last term of school for the year and we were all over it. Over the school drop offs/pick ups, driving to gymnastics, driving to music lessons, driving to swimming lessons, going to playgroup, going food shopping, doing everything that our lives were structured around. The horrid (but necessary) weekly schedule which we keep to the T every week but this week was different. I was over it.

It was Monday, 630am and we were starting our normal get ready for school routine and it just wasn’t clicking like it usually did. There were tears, yelling from everyone, no one was focussing on anything and getting ready for school seemed to take 2 hours instead of one. In the end we were off, late for school and stressed. We got home, I put Dora on and made another coffee. In frustration and acknowledgement of our heavy schedule I picked up my phone and cancelled everything for that day and for the next day. They were over it.

I cancelled gymnastics for my oldest for the Monday afternoon and gymnastics for the two younger on the Tuesday (costing me around $60), I cancelled guitar lessons on the Tuesday (costing me $35) and I took my daughter out of school on the Tuesday as well. Everything was cleared and we now had nothing scheduled until Wednesday morning until everything else kicks in again.

Was it worth it? YES! My husband got home from work around 3pm, we picked up our eldest from school and we all went to the Rock Pools for the afternoon. We had no barriers, no limitations and no where else to be. How freeing it was to know this. It was so out of the usual, the kids didn’t know how to take it at first. After we got there they were so excited and ready to play and relax. We all played in the water then we went for a walk up the pier and simply smelt the ocean air and the kids just ran around until it was dark.

When we got home the kids were relaxed and actually nice to each other. They played quietly for the rest of the night and my husband and I got to spend some quality time talking and looking for a house to buy (uninterrupted!) We didn’t have to run off to pick someone up or do something annoying. The kids went to bed early as they were full of fresh air and had run their little legs off.

The next day we didn’t have to do the “Schedule”, we didn’t have to stress, we didn’t have to watch the clock. The kids got up early and just played all day together, watched movies together and played outside together. Was 2 days off worth nearly $100? you bet it was. It was worth seeing the kids have fun and enjoy each others company because they are not falling behind the strict schedule that we always adhere to. It was worth seeing them recharge their batteries and just chill out like they were on holidays. It was kind of like a mini holiday in the middle of the busiest time of the year. I felt refreshed and the kids easily snapped back into their schedules on the Wednesday morning. It was necessary and it was fun. It doesn’t happen often but it does need to happen sometimes.


Poo Hands


I don’t know what it is but I seem to always have poo smelly hands! It could be the fact that I am continuously changing poo nappies, I mean my kids seriously poo 100 times a day (just like their father). We have created this amazing means by which all the kids have amazing bowl systems which are self cleaning and all round self sufficient to the highest level.

Poo in my finger nails, poo on my wrists, poo in my hair, poo on my forearms. Poo Everywhere. I hate it the most when you change a poo nappy and the wash your hands then a while later you go to scratch your nose or face and you are like ‘wtf is that smell’ and you look at your hands and think ‘shit! did I just wipe 2 hour old poo on my lips!!!! Why did it not come off? why is it there? why do my kids poo so much?’. I have to laugh though, as I know when I drop them off the grandparent’s place they are, guaranteed, to have multiple┬ásurprises over and over again and this makes me smile ­čÖé Poor kindy though, maybe I should pay higher fees as┬ámy kids demand more sanitary care.

Anyway, I guess I am just use to lifting my arm and having the poo smell of the nappy soaked into my skin as there always seem to be a baby in my arms. I guess I can accept the poo odor that surrounds my limbs, I just hate it when it is unexpected.

On cue – swift baby lift – butt to nose – inhale……yep another one…….o.m.g