Poo Hands


I don’t know what it is but I seem to always have poo smelly hands! It could be the fact that I am continuously changing poo nappies, I mean my kids seriously poo 100 times a day (just like their father). We have created this amazing means by which all the kids have amazing bowl systems which are self cleaning and all round self sufficient to the highest level.

Poo in my finger nails, poo on my wrists, poo in my hair, poo on my forearms. Poo Everywhere. I hate it the most when you change a poo nappy and the wash your hands then a while later you go to scratch your nose or face and you are like ‘wtf is that smell’ and you look at your hands and think ‘shit! did I just wipe 2 hour old poo on my lips!!!! Why did it not come off? why is it there? why do my kids poo so much?’. I have to laugh though, as I know when I drop them off the grandparent’s place they are, guaranteed, to have multiple surprises over and over again and this makes me smile 🙂 Poor kindy though, maybe I should pay higher fees as my kids demand more sanitary care.

Anyway, I guess I am just use to lifting my arm and having the poo smell of the nappy soaked into my skin as there always seem to be a baby in my arms. I guess I can accept the poo odor that surrounds my limbs, I just hate it when it is unexpected.

On cue – swift baby lift – butt to nose – inhale……yep another one…….o.m.g


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